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Photoshop Challenge

I’m not quite back at work yet, so have been pissing about on the internet a little more than usual.  Today, that involved deciding to tackle a photoshop challenge on – something that I’ve looked at a lot but never had the balls (or software) to contribute.

The challenge was to ‘shop this image, and here is my result:


A compilation of:


Keeping Your Strands Together

When Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau decided to call their information system the Web, they really nailed it.  There are an uncountable number of threads, criss-crossing in near-infinite ways.  Some of the visual representations of the whole of the internet are mind bogglingly beautiful, and I can’t quite get my head around the actual vastness of this big, untouchable universe.

Which a long-winded, semi-poetic way of saying that it’s big.  And these days everyone is quick to claim their own piece of it.  Between blogs and social networks, and millions of comment threads on news threads, everyone has a presence – and even if they don’t, there is enough information about a person that fairly accurate person-shaped hole can be created for them (seriously, how many information do gushing new parents post about their offspring – full names, dates, birth weights, everything up online for anyone else to -see- harvest).

So for someone who can get quite cheerfully obsessed with order and organisation, the web presents a worrying problem: how do you keep track of where everything is, and how do you link it together cohesively?

Flickr for photos, which comes with groups and communities… WordPress for journals, which comes with groups and comments… Facebook for interaction with family and groups…

Only, for every recognisable big name, there are a host of alternatives.  Sure, WordPress is open source and one of the best-known sites, but Blogger has the might of Google behind it, and extra integration with Google+.  Facebook has every member of your family signed up, but G+ has much better controls for who sees what (even if I don’t utilise it nearly as effectively as I should).

So I’m a little stuck.  Is there any one site that can be all things for all people?  Google seems to be close, but since they’re good at closing down much-loved services there’s a hesitation to go loading an entire online presence onto them.

Besides which, is it a good idea to have everything in one place?  Do I want my family to know what kind of fanfic I can get into if I’m in the right frame of mind?  Worse – do I want _anyone_ who knows me in real life to see what kind of original fic I could inflict on the world?

Maybe a fragmented online presence is safer for everyone.


The only web I could lay claim to – and even it was built by someone far more talented than I am!

And… I’m back!

It occurred to me that, since I’m about to ditch Windows and return to a linux system, thereby embracing all things open source (well, mostly), returning to an open source blogging platform might not be such a shabby idea.  Rather than starting all over again, I’m being a good wee geek and doing a bit of URL recycling.  Instead of a brand new blog, I’m resurrecting an old one.  It’ll probably be much like it’s previous incarnation as a random spot for me to spill the stuff that I don’t quite know what else to do with, but that’s fine with me.  And if you’re here, and reading this, then it’s probably fine with you too.

I’ve been using Blogger for the last while.  It’s all nicely integrated with Google+, which I love, but… I like change, and I like the idea of maybe NOT having everything under Google’s umbrella.  We’ll see.

In the meantime… here I is.

On The Move

I’m on the move, again.  It seems to happen every year or three, when I realise that I’m not posting much and decide to blame it on the awkward platform I’m using.  Wordpress has a great service, but it’s geared towards people running it on their own servers.  I’m much too lazy for that, and while I was looking at an old blog of mine (a book review one, found here), I found that Blogger has had a major overhaul.  And I like it!

So my new blog is to be found here.  If you follow this one, please hop over and follow that one – I don’t know if I’ll be posting much here any more.

Music Videos

Today is an auspicious day:  NZ finally got a music channel that plays music.  All the time! It’s hard to explain just how much I get absorbed in the stories told in music videos, I could watch all day.  Or at least, I could watch until the Other Half comes home and changes channel.  Luckily, there’s youtube.  So, without further ado, my own personal Top 10 Eight Videos, in no order whatsoever (it would have been ten, but Bon Jovi chose to stick to concert shots for most of their vids, which sort of defeats the whole micro-movie idea):

Def Leppard – When Love & Hate Collide…

Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song…

Meatloaf – I Would Do Anything For Love

Duffy – Warwick Avenue…

Aerosmith – Cryin’…

Nickelback – Someday…

Pink – So What…

Guns N Roses – November Rain…

Blog on the backburner

I’m using a different site at the moment, so will be posting most of my ramblings there instead. If anyone is interested in the URL, ask for it – I’m past wanting an audience, and only need friends to know I exist.

So many books to choose from…

Last month was my worst month, reading-wise, in years.  I finished absolutely nothing.  To be fair, I only actually started one book, Drood, which was put aside when hauling it to work every day started having serious consequences (that thing is heavy; I’d hate to see the size of the large print version!), so it wasn’t like I tossing books left, right and centre.  Instead, I turned to logic puzzles and magazines, so the fact my page count hasn’t moved in a month is purely my own laziness.

Thing is, I’m now out of the habit, of both reading and of choosing books.  I’ve gone right back to the basics, and a book that is both an old favourite and complete fluff – the first Red Dwarf book.  I have no idea what I’m in the mood for next though, in spite of having a TBR list about two hundred pages long.  Time to get out the dart set and take pot luck!


So… I’ve used Blogger for years.  When I signed up it was Blogspot, and hadn’t been bought by Google.  Now… well, now Google are accelerating their plan for world domination in all directions.  News of Buzz being shoved into people’s faces and a fibre optic rollout in the US to prove that the internet can go much faster, not to mention Chrome… is Google turning into the same kind of everywhere/everything company that Microsoft is/was?

I have never used Google Docs.  I don’t use Google Earth (much), and gave the Google Streetcar a nice one-fingered salute when it sped past last month.  I don’t feel the need to keep every email I’ve ever recieved, so gmail is a bit redundant (I do have an account, but it’s only used as a dumping ground for old passwords and registration details).

As fast as Google is growing ever more present, my distrust grows along with it.  I didn’t like Microsoft; I stopped using their software.  I don’t entirely like Google’s dominance, so where to now?

Admittedly, there’s no reason for Google to care what’s in my emails, or what addresses I check out on Google Earth.  But since they’ve saved every search I’ve ever made, they’d be able to trace when I switched to linux, what problems I encountered along the way, when I needed advice on medications and even what kind of pornography I like (they used to have a directory for it, but it disappeared without warning).

Google, you have a great search engine.  But everything else – and there is a LOT of everything else – is a bit intimidating to this end-user.  I’ll keep my documents, blogs and photos to myself.  Thanks for all the nifty one-off logos…

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