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New week, new operating system

I’m a real sucker for new toys.  I’ve got boxes of gadgets and toys in storage, and I can’t seem to stop buying more.  So when the new Ubuntu landed last month, I was itching to try it – imagine being able to turn your computer into a brand new jobby, for nothing more than the price of a blank CD.  I managed to wait two weeks before downloading it, and tonight I finally got to install it.

I don’t have any technical information to add to the copious amounts of reviews flooding the tubes, but I will add that it’s very pretty, it’s very fast, and the biggest problem I have with it right now is that I forgot to restore my journal to it before packing away the EHD for the night.

With the sum total of my experience with Ubuntu Lucid being about an hours worth of poking about, I can announce with all the bias of a convert that this is one spiffy system.  Got a bit of space on your hard drive to play with?  Try it out – it’s free, stable and virus free.  What’s not to love?


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