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Inside my A5 Metropol

So, it turns out I’m a closet filophile – I’ve been obsessed with planners for a while.  I had a Filofax personal Mode, but kept getting annoyed with the texture of the tiny squares all over the outside.  I went to a personal sized planner made by a local company, that had a wallet part at the back, which was really good – but the paper size has been chafing me for months.  So last week I gave in and returned to the Filofax fold with a beautiful red Metropol.

I thought I’d taken this in good light, but it’s coming up much more pink than I expected.  The outside colour is much closer to how the inside photographed:
The cover photo is an image I came across at Stock Exchange that I really like, by a photographer named Yuman.
The pen is a nice, thick barrelled Parker with a ballpoint insert.  I really like the weight of these pens, they’re quite a bit heavier than usual ones.  I popped a gen insert into it for a few days, but it was too patchy to write much more than two words at a time, so I’m sticking with ballpoint.  I was thinking of getting a fountain pen, but anything that goes into my handbag has to withstand a bit of abuse, and I’d hate to bust one open over everything.
First tabbed section (behind the usual ff info pages and guff) is a Month to View look from Ray at My Life.  I love the elegance of his templates – much nicer than the dated ones from diyplanner.
These are the business day-per-page inserts that came with the filo, but I’ve been using them for a week and not liking them.  I thought I’d try using the appointment side as a food diary, but since I’m not trying very hard with my fitness, it’s really just a list of the junk I’ve been eating (pineapple lumps for afternoon tea!).  I’ve always used week-per-view, so will be having a go at creating some in A5 size over the weekend.
Bills!  I’m trying to survive with no credit cards, so have modified the columns to track which account is paying for what.  It’s not set in stone; more a reminder of what I can’t afford to forget.  Such as the last item – $2.50 for a fundraising chocolate bar.  Really important stuff, lol…
Next up is the book section, where I list what I’ve read, what I’d like to read and where I can buy it, and what is coming up in the book clubs I belong to.
I’ve started using the book log sheets from My Life All In One Place, which are making life much easier.  I’ve started to use top tabs here as well, so I can find the most recent page faster.
Lists for everything else come next, including a page from my personal that I didn’t want to write out all over again.  Mostly all that’s here so far is the list of items needed for a photo scavenger hunt I’d like to do.
A plastic pocket carries a couple of things I don’t want to part with – a photo of the spitfire my grandfather loved (I borrowed the image to add to the hymn sheet for his funeral, and ‘forgot’ to give it back.  I like having it with me) and a handmade postcard from an email friend, plus a few appointment cards.
I’ve got the A-Z index tabs, but haven’t started using them yet.  I only have about two dozen contacts, so will be putting them on a single sheet in with the rest of the lists.
That’s what I’ve got so far.  After a week, I don’t think that’s bad going!  It will definitely be getting some more tweaking, including swapping the diary pages out for something else, but this bigger size is more me than the personal size.
Thanks for stopping by to have a look!

New filo love…

Last week I spent a couple of days completely obsessing about upgrading from a personal planner to an A5 filofax.  Then  I found one on special, online.  Then I had to wait an agonising four days for it to arrive.  And now it’s here, and I’m being stymied by the dark winter evenings, so I haven’t managed to take a thousand photos of it – yet.

But, I have just discovered that other, more talented people than I have been sharing their filos on YouTube, so while I haven’t yet shared my spreads, I can at least indulge in a bit of planner voyeurism…

And as soon as I can, I shall introduce you to my new love, a lovely red A5 Metropol…

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