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Finally, a finish!

Cross stitch has taken a bit of a back seat lately, what with winter closing in and a serious lack of daylight bulbs.  Instead, I’ve been feeling guilty about how many games of multi-deck Spider I’ve been churning through, and letting a new idea marinate in the depths of my brain.

So it’s with extreme haste and over-exuberance that I can announce that I have a cross stitch finish!  I don’t even have a photo of it (yet), because I’ve already given it away, but it’s a Fizzy Moon card.  Fizzy Moon seems to be a character along the lines of Tatty Ted – no one here knows what it is, but my UK cross stitch mag had a pattern in it that was totally perfect for Mum’s birthday.  She was totally stoked, and I’ll have to take a photo of it next week.

As for the new idea, well, I’ve been stalking people on Flickr and Craftster lately, ogling their handmade, scrapped cookbooks.  There’s some stunning stuff around, and I’m toying with the idea of trying mixed media – I have a gorgeous collection of digital scrapping resources, but there’s something about handwritten, aged, scuffed and well-used treasures…



Cross Stitch Holiday

With various things happening lately, the only time I have managed to settle into some stitching has been on weekends, so progress has been slow.  Glacier-slow, in fact.  Now I’m on an enforced two-week break, courtesy of an outbreak of dermatitis on my hand.  I have to keep slathering on a paraffin-based cream, which means I’m leaving greasy handprints everywhere, so I’m not going near any kind of stitching until the dermatitis gives in and disappears.

Of course, now that I can’t do any, I’m desperate to make a little bit of progress!  Reduced to trawling everyone’s blogs and getting jealous over their progress, I’m going to sulk about it, and throw myself into doing a few scrap recipes instead, stay tuned!

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