Slightly Irregular Conformity

Sand in the Wind

Sand in the Wind?  Seriously?  I’m not poetic, and I don’t understand where these blog titles come from.

I guess it suits where I’m at right now: scattered.  Mood, inspiration, inclination – everything is all over the map.  The bits that haven’t spread all over the place are still waiting to be thrown up into the wind, I think.

I don’t know where to spread them.  Some people manage to comparmentalise themselves quite well: one blog for this, one for that, a tumblr over there for other bits and pieces, and the core of their interactions tucked neatly under Facebook’s umbrella.

I don’t think I can do that quite as well.  It turns out that all my habits, all my interests, everything I like or dislike – that’s me.  One big mishmash of random things, held together with a dreary sarcasm and an overfondness for punctuation.

Instead of throwing it all in different directions on the internet, I need to try and hold it together.  I like music and I like photography, but if I write about one, I’ll end up writing about the other as well, and then where should it go?  The music blog or Flickr?

One of my problems is that I’m very easily paralysed by choice.  I distro-hop on a whim, not a week after deciding that I’m perfectly happy with my setup, and then spend whole weekends tweaking and changing, only to revert back to the original a month later.  If I have the option of spreading photos over six different sites, I’ll end up not posting anything anywhere, because I can’t decide which is better.

Enter the kneejerk: everything stays together, in one place, just like it’s all stuck together in my head.  Or something.  Having it in one place makes it less likely that I’m going to lose it.  Who knows, I might actually churn out some words that are worth repeating, and it’d be nice to be able to find them again.

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