Slightly Irregular Conformity

And… I’m back!

It occurred to me that, since I’m about to ditch Windows and return to a linux system, thereby embracing all things open source (well, mostly), returning to an open source blogging platform might not be such a shabby idea.  Rather than starting all over again, I’m being a good wee geek and doing a bit of URL recycling.  Instead of a brand new blog, I’m resurrecting an old one.  It’ll probably be much like it’s previous incarnation as a random spot for me to spill the stuff that I don’t quite know what else to do with, but that’s fine with me.  And if you’re here, and reading this, then it’s probably fine with you too.

I’ve been using Blogger for the last while.  It’s all nicely integrated with Google+, which I love, but… I like change, and I like the idea of maybe NOT having everything under Google’s umbrella.  We’ll see.

In the meantime… here I is.


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