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Better Than Potato Salad

I have a feeling this recipe came from, but I can’t recall exactly.  The group is still going, having been adopted by google – click here to check it out.  As with any usenet group, beware – there’s a lot of spam around, but I’ve found some real gems there over the years, including a massive FAQ that gives you weights for every measurement of food you can think of.

Anyway, onto the recipe:
The background and string are from freebies from Scrap Girls (I really recommend signing up to their daily newsletter, it’s fantastic even for a non-Photoshop user), and the font used is called Cinnamon Cake, by Brittney Murphy Designs.
The recipe itself is really good for taking to barbecues – it makes a ton of salad, so you’ll need to use the biggest bowl you can find.  It’s also good for taking to work during the week, but if you’re planning on doing that it might be a good idea to add the radishes separately each day, as they tend to discolour and look unappetising.

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