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New Cookbook

I collect cookbooks, old ones especially.  There’s nothing quite like a recipe that calls for a pound of lard, especially in modern-day recipe compilations!  The problem is storing twenty-three cookbooks just for the use of thirty recipes, so I decided to compile the ones I wanted to keep, and pass the books on.

Originally I settled on 4×6 cards, kept in a photo album, and decorated all artful-like, but I ran into problems with the small size.  So I’ve upscaled!
Behold, the project that I’ve had on the backburner for at least six months:
Okay, it’s not much to look at like that, but here’s how it started off:
One plain, A5-sized lever arch folder.  I’d already decided that whatever I went with needed to be expandable, since I plan on growing it forever.  This one has an arch a couple of inches high, so it’s going to take decades to fill it (I can’t wait!).
First, a coat of paint:
I added the tape down the spine so that it won’t crack with repeated use.  I actually really like the effect of the white threads on the dark background… but there was a bit more to do.  After waiting around for the paint to dry (no risking any bubbles on this baby!), I ended up with this:
The colour is a bit off in this photo, but the ribbon is bright, bright green, and the letters are very blue.  The whole thing has several coats of mod podge holding it together, so hopefully I won’t end up with a RECI ES book in six months.
I made the dividers before I chose the folder, and they poke out the end, which is fine.  That’s what they’re meant to do!  I’ve got sections for Basics, Sauces & Dips (probably my favourite part), Veges, Pasta & Rice, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Dessert, Biscuits & Cakes, Drinks and Misc.  I’m not much of a sweet person, so I don’t need much space for cakes and whatnot – give me a casserole any day.  The Misc is already full of recipes for cleaning supplies and random things from Flylady that I intend to use (her deep cleaning lists, nicely laminated so that I can cross stuff off as I go).
Thanks for looking 🙂

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