Slightly Irregular Conformity

Changing Seasons Early

Usually around the time of the seasons changing I slide from one hobby/obsession to another.  Before Christmas, as the days were getting longer and warmer, I discovered art journaling and decided it was going to define me, at least for a while.  Summer has been really patchy here, with only a couple of really nice, hot days, and the last two weeks have been grey and mundane, like autumn.

I don’t know if it’s because of the weather, or because of something else, but my whole desire to create art has shifted slightly, and instead of paintbrushes, I’ve been reaching for my needles: I’ve been doing cross stitch instead.  It’s calling to me, the way it did for six months over autumn and winter last year.  That’s a good thing – I’ve got a wedding sampler to get done, after all – but not only am I not getting artsy with my journal, I’m not journaling at all.  This entry is the closest I’ve come to recording anything since the middle of last month.
Typical that it happens just as I sign up for new art journal prompts.  I’ve started the first one, two days before the next prompt came out.  Hopefully I’ll get some progress made over the long weekend…

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