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This week’s challenge was Time.  Specifically, we had to incorporate some kind of time device into our page.  Well, with no way of escaping the pun, it was perfectly timed (groan…), since it was my birthday last week, and time has been on my mind.

Seriously, how can I resist using the ultimate time device??  It’s the front section of a cubee from DeviantArt, and it’s beautiful.  It’s also 3D, and inside are a couple of ATCs with some short thoughts on turning 30.  I put a watercolour wash over them, so they’re somewhat obscured, and I think they look awesome:
I trimmed the edge of each one before they had completely dried, so the cuts are a little fuzzy, but they’ve got slightly different patterns down each side.  I showed the Other Half the finished page, and mentioned that there was something tucked inside the Tardis, but now that they’re in there, I’m going to leave them there for discovery some time in the future.
And, of course, the text on the right is a quote from one of the greatest Doctor Who episodes ever, Blink.

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One thought on “Time

  1. Been enjoying going through your Fabulous blog!!…love your journal pages…especially the xmas one…and your sweet kitty. My bichon/shitzu loves to come into my space too…especially to bark at me for treats…lol. Have a Great Day!!..Ila

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