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My workspace

We have a really tiny house.  It’s two bedrooms, and the second bedroom has become a catch-all for the stuff that would normally be spread across bedrooms, garages and laundry rooms.  In spite of that, I’ve managed to stake a claim to one corner (although that’s now under threat, as you’ll see) and turn it into an art corner.

This is my desk, where I can stretch my creative muscles, and generally make a mess.  It’s old, and it’s banged up and a bit grubby, and that’s perfect for me – it means I don’t have to panic if I spill something.  Even though I use an unfolded box as a blotter 🙂
The star of the photo is the reason my corner is under threat.  The cat has decided that the chair is his spot, to the point where he’s taken a flying leap from the doorway onto my lap, just to get me to move.  That’s fine – at this time of year it’s too hot to be sitting in there for long anyway.
I love that I’ve got christmas lights up to help take away the shadows, even if they don’t actually produce much light.  I’ve got photos and paint chips up as well, to take away from the plain noticeboard.  I was thinking about covering it with fabric, but I get bored easily – this way I can swap things around as I want to.
The drawers to the left are filled with pens, pencils and markers.  The shelf above is for anything that will actually fit in such a small gap (turns out it’s perfect for glitter and spritz bottles).  I’ve got some jars that I have big plans for, and a cluster of dragons looking on.
The shelf above that is where the bigger stuff goes – the jar of brushes, when they’re not being used, spray paint cans and glues.  My actual paints are stored in a shoe organiser over the door (you can see part of it), and I’m still working on filling it up.  The cats hanging off the door handle were a christmas present from a friend.
Under the desk is an ugly box filled with precut ATCs, sitting on a computer that I’m supposed to be setting up for a friend (oops), and my small-but-growing stash of Neil Gaiman books.
It’s not a huge, sterile workplace – it’s the complete opposite, but I love it.  It’s my space, and my clutter, and it’s where I can make as much of a mess as I please.

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One thought on “My workspace

  1. Veronica on said:

    I love old banged up desks!! I think that you should leave the Christmas lights. They’re pretty and sparkly and they will put you in a happy mood to create!
    Veronica from Journal Challenges

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