Slightly Irregular Conformity

Journal Box 2012

Christmas is well and truly looming – work is getting more frenetic and I can’t wait for Friday, which is usually busy until lunchtime, and then more or less dead.

With all the added stress and busyness, I’ve taken the opportunity to relax when I can, watching movies and reading books instead of journaling.  My entries recently have been recaps on what’s happened, with not much else going on, but I have managed to make a start on my journal box.
I’ve decided to keep the outside of it fairly boring, so that doesn’t scream ‘open me up.’  This is the top, and will probably not get much more decoration than numbers on the spine.  The numbers are watercolour, and had been a background that I’d done for a challenge.  I ripped the page out of my art journal though, so wasn’t sure what to use them for. 
I love the texture that the modgepodge gave it – it’s the first time I’ve used it as a sealant, and I’m really happy with the result.
Because the outside is going to stay fairly lowkey, I’m going to decorate the inside as the year goes on.  To start with, a zentangle that I did:
This is going on the inside as a reminder.  Maybe it’s my mission statement for the year…

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