Slightly Irregular Conformity

Roll on 2012!

Okay, I’m notorious for starting projects and not finishing them – last year I started Project365 and only lasted until mid-April before falling flat.  I don’t think I’ve touched the camera since, in spite of still loving the idea of me being an amatuer photographer.

That said, I’ve come up with an idea for my journal next year that I’m really hoping will last the distance.  The frustrating thing is, I haven’t really found any pictures or blogs of people doing the same thing, so I can’t line up any inspirational images.  That might be a good thing though – no expectations.
I’ve been struggling with my journal lately.  I want to be more creative and have a beautiful art journal like everyone else seems to, but I can’t stay away from the computer.  What can I say, iDailyDiary is a fantastic program, and I freetype much more easily than writing with an actual pen.  The problem was that I couldn’t figure out how to reconcile two methods – typing and art.  I had a half-formed plan involving a filing cabinet, but that’s not exactly portable, and I want the art side of things a bit more open than the words, not hidden away in a folder.  So here’s my plan:
  • Typed diary/journal will be printed double sided and bound into a book (will ask Mum if I can borrow her binder back again).  One big book for the whole year would be cool, with maybe different coloured paper for each month.
  • Art pages and anything not typed will be on loose sheets of paper – and will be left loose.  I’ll just have to try and remember to date things, so I can if I’m making any progress with techniques etc.
  • Everything will be kept in a black box, which I’m intending to decorate over the year.  Diary at the bottom, art on top.
I’m hoping that having loose sheets will reduce the terror of a blank page – there’s no worry that one crap spread will ‘taint’ the rest of the book or anything like that, plus I can use whatever medium I want – and 3-d embellishments, if I want.
I’m super excited about this project, and am thinking that one box per year would be awesome.  That means that I won’t be starting to fill the one I have until next month, so until then, all my typed journal pages will be pasted into my wirebound book.  Once that’s done, the rest of the pages will be torn out and readied for loose leaf art.
So excited to start!!

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