Slightly Irregular Conformity

Getting Grounded

My fingers are covered in paint, which makes it a good start to the weekend.  This week has been just as busy as the last month, but it seems I was finally able to make time for some art, no matter how simple.

The first was a challenge from JournalChallenges, and sounded nice and straightforward: fill a page with your favourite colours, to use a background later.  I decided to try out the watercolours I’ve got, and was so happy with the result that I did a second page.  Then I had a brain fart and for no apparent reason tore both pages out of my journal.  Of course, once I’d regained my sanity I wasn’t able to recreate anything near as good, so here’s a square of three colours, not mixed together very well:
I loved how muted I can get these colours, and will definitely have to start using them more often.
The next challenge was to create a page about what sort of queen I am.  After getting stuck on a hundred different negative ideas, I settled for the most honest, relative and obvious answer:
I like how bare this is – the words are all the matters, and there’s no distractions from the message, which seems to be more important the more I look at it.  The lettering is a new thing for me, so I cheated by having some gorgeous images on the laptop screen while I drew them.  It’s a step up from tracing, but I’ll be sticking to it while I figure out if I have a style of my own or not.

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