Slightly Irregular Conformity

Feijoa Crumble

It’s autumn here, and this year’s feijoa crop seems to be a bumper one.  I’ve always loved them, in spite of everyone else pulling faces when I take to one with a teaspoon.  I’ve never managed to make a convincing crumble though, instead dumping a bag of the fruit on Mum’s kitchen bench and asking nicely for one.  Hopefully this recipe will be the start of a new tradition…

What did I use for this?  The font is called Adorable, by Micrologic Software, and the rest of from a kit called Heart of My Heart, by Sharon C.  I love the bright, funky colours!

This is the first recipe card that I’ve created with Photoshop!  I’ve been using GIMP, but since I use PS at work, switching between the two has been a headache.  No matter how much I prefer open source software, there are just too many compromises on features that I depend on for me to be happy with GIMP, so right now I’m saving like mad to be able to afford to buy PS before the free trial runs out.  It’s no small feat to have it running, either.  Since I use linux (Fedora 15 with the new GNOME 3, which I adore), I’ve had to get a bit creative to get everything running nicely together.  I’m still figuring out some of the finer points of running a virtual machine, but so far it’s been brilliant.


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