Slightly Irregular Conformity

Decisions Decisions…

A typical trait of mine is that as soon as I announce to someone that I’m working on a project, I lose interest and stop.  Usually, I’m working on the theory that telling people will mean that I’m going to keep going, if only to not look stupid.  And yet, here I am, admitting that I’ve done it again.

Since announcing to the world that I’m going to take a photo every day for the next year, I’ve taken about three photos.  In three weeks.  Bah!  I’m not sure if I’m going to try and catch up by snapping every moving thing in the garden, or if I’ll stretch the numbering out… hmm… maybe I should make it a project to see how many days it takes me to get to 365 shots?  Then I can fall back on the old claim “I meant to do that!”

Shall add that to the list of considerations for the weekend.

Topping that particular list is a struggle of epic geekiness that will interest no one but myself.  Luckily, it’s my blog, so I get to talk about it anyway.  The big dilemma is that I’ll be installing a virtual Windows system on my linux box, so that I can run some software that absolutely will not run on linux, that I absolutely must have (why yes, it’s Adobe software – how did you guess?).  I’ve got a licence for the Win stuff, but I need to decide once and for all (or at least, for the next 12 months) what distro I want to use for linux, because I don’t think Microsoft would appreciate me asking for a new licence every time I wipe my laptop in favour of a new linux flavour.  Although it would be really amusing to waste their resources…

Fedora KDE or Kubuntu?  This is the kind of thing that has been keeping me awake at night.  Seriously…

The other main choice that’s been keeping me awake is just as geeky, albeit a much less technological one.  I have a filofax.  It’s my first one, although I’ve always had planners, and it was a Christmas present.  It’s a personal Mode, and I can’t live without it (expect a post dissecting it’s various bits at some point!)…. Except the page size is driving me a little batty.  And I’ve found a worthy replacement, maybe.  It’s not a Filofax, but it’s made by a NZ company, which is worth a lot of points in my book, and they sponsor my favourite local racing driver, which is worth a few bonus points… but the main draw: it’s green.  I love green (seriously, take a look at my desk at work), so how can I resist?


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