Slightly Irregular Conformity


How do you actually ‘be sick’?  Aside from the odd migraine, I can’t remember the last time I had a sick day.  This afternoon my doctor told me that I’m not to be at work until Monday – two days of solitary confinement with the laptop and the cat.  Should be heaven, right?

But the devil is in the details, which start and end with a severe throat infection.  Well, I presume it’s a severe one, or I’d be at work tomorrow, right?  Does the list of symptoms I present warrant a free pass for doing the laundry and dishes while I rattle about the house during the day?  Am I still expected to get dinner ready?

I think I’m off to a bit of a lop-sided start already – I brought work with me, which will help keep me sane, but as for the rest… well, I have a laptop, so I could get the work done without leaving the comfort of bed.  So I can concentrate on not doing the dishes and dinner, right?


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