Slightly Irregular Conformity

New journal!

In the last three months I’ve gone through four different journals.  Not filling them, just trying them out for a dozen or so pages, then moving onto the next one… but I think I’ve found a winner:

This is an A4 wirebound book with the funkiest cover I’ve seen for ages.  It’s got good thick paper that can handle the kind of pens I like (which I also splurged on), gel and fine tip ink (not rollerball).  I’m besotted with it, and have been searching for prompts all over the place so I can get to filling the pages.  And it’s lined!  I thought I’d have to resort to unlined sketch books (which I’d bought about ten minutes before seeing this one), which I’m not very good with, since I write with the book turned sideways, and end up writing in sloping lines.  And the lines are purple 😀

I’m not convinced about the idea of having perforated pages – don’t want to lose anything, but it’s streets ahead of the journals that I’ve been trialling lately.  With any luck, it’ll last longer than 20 pages, which will be an improvement on my last few.


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