Slightly Irregular Conformity

EDM #1: Shoes

I have the house to myself tonight.  I can watch whatever I want to watch, listen to whatever CD I want to listen to… and instead the TV is off, the stereo is off, and I’m stretched out on the sofa with the laptop, hitting the web guilt-free!

Last week I decided to try and get a bit of art into my journal.  I’m not especially creative outside the computer, so thought I’d start with a bit of direction – a massive list of drawing challenges from EveryDay Matters.  They’re all basic, everyday things, with the idea being that it’s not actually intimidating to start with a blank page and capture something.

Prompt number is to draw a shoe.  One shoe on its own is a bit lost, so I drew two.  Here’s the result of my first drawing attempt since I left school over a decade ago:

The photo is to prove to myself that my drawing does actually resemble something, at some moment in time.  Unfortunately, the flash was needed to stop it being a blurry mess, so all the shadows disappeared.  And Dawson decided to insert his furry backside into the top of the shot, which is sure to outshine anything I’ve done 🙂


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