Slightly Irregular Conformity

Terror Firma

I’m getting stuck into Terror Firma, a fantastic book by Matthew Thomas.  While I’m aware that it’s satire, about things that no one in their right mind should be taking seriously (or perhaps the complete opposite, I can’t decide), there’s a passage that has stuck in my mind:

The most efficient way to subdue a population is to make them believe that they’re free as they construct the chains that bind me.  Throw them at the rag-doll of political debate and allow them to waste their energies tearing their apparent leaders to pieces.  Free speech counts for little when those with the true final say don’t give a damn what they hear from below, and didn’t need your vote to get them there in the first place.

While the rest of the book is turning out to be a fun ride, this bit screams so much logic at me I think I’m taking the rest of the story a little too seriously.  At any rate, I’m only halfway through, but I think I can safely say it’ll be on my mind for a long while.


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