Slightly Irregular Conformity

Biking to work

A whole new world has possibly been opened up to me.  Yesterday I cycled to work for the first time ever.  It’s an accomplishment as far as I’m concerned, for several reasons.  First of all, I live 8km out of town, so I have to put in a bit of work to actually make the distance.  Second, the route involves mostly State Highway 1, which can be really busy and downright scary.  There is virtually no room for cyclists along large stretches of the distance, and you’re trapped between huge speeding trucks and an eight-foot ditch filled with scuzz, which is why the Other Half has been banning me from trying for a couple of years.

But it was a great trip.  I left really early, so I could have a shower at the end of the trip, and managed to catch the sunrise as I treadled away.  It’s usually something I miss, so I was impressed that I was not only seeing it, but was actually out in the crisp morning air and doing something good for me.

Of course, the reason I chose yesterday to try biking wasn’t actually as healthy as you’d expect.  We were having an after-work meeting, which generally features a good amount of wine.  Which it did.  Which I drank.  Which I blame entirely for the fact that I upended a whole tray of binding offcuts onto someone’s head (she’d been threatening to do it all night… you just have to man up and follow through with some things, you know?) and the half-assed cleanup job that followed.

I’ll apologise on Monday.


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