Slightly Irregular Conformity

So many books to choose from…

Last month was my worst month, reading-wise, in years.  I finished absolutely nothing.  To be fair, I only actually started one book, Drood, which was put aside when hauling it to work every day started having serious consequences (that thing is heavy; I’d hate to see the size of the large print version!), so it wasn’t like I tossing books left, right and centre.  Instead, I turned to logic puzzles and magazines, so the fact my page count hasn’t moved in a month is purely my own laziness.

Thing is, I’m now out of the habit, of both reading and of choosing books.  I’ve gone right back to the basics, and a book that is both an old favourite and complete fluff – the first Red Dwarf book.  I have no idea what I’m in the mood for next though, in spite of having a TBR list about two hundred pages long.  Time to get out the dart set and take pot luck!


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