Slightly Irregular Conformity


When it’s been so long that I have no idea what my WordPress password is, I need to really make more of an effort.  So, less of the scrapbooking and more of the words, for this post at least.

I’d been meaning to take up blogging as a sort of backup/add-on to my regular offline journal, but somehow my life has become busy, and I’m actually finding I may, in fact, have a social life after all, to the detriment of my regular four-hours-a-night net habit.  Not that I’m expecting to garner much of a following spilling my mind to an unadvertised web site that no one has ever heard of.  But that’s something I’ve been thinking about too, lately…

One of the big things that’s happened recently is that the Other Half offered to buy me a bike.  Not your average treadly either, but a proper mountainbike, with adjustable whatsits and flexible doodads.  Mostly, I have no idea what to do with any of it, but I’m really liking the idea of getting out and getting fit.  Today we went for a spin along the river close to home, and I managed just over 12km, which I’m totally rapt with.  Last weekend I did my first official mountainbike event and won a spot prize, in spite of doing the baby ride with most of the entrants under the age of 13 (everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?).

So that’s a new hobby that’s tearing me from the laptop.  That, combined with badminton, means I’m starting to feel like I’m exercising enough to stop obsessing about my weight, and I’m in the process of adopting a new outlook, in which I try to convince myself that so long as I’m healthy I have no reason to uncomfortable in my own skin.  So far it’s working, and I’m suddenly enjoying myself more and not worrying about my appearance.

I’m finding myself withdrawing from a group that has been a big part of my online life for a bunch of years.  I’m not sure if it’s because the group is changing or because I am, but I’m moving more towards likeminded people, and away from people across the spectrum.  Maybe it’s just that it’s the change of the seasons, which usually provokes some kind of temporary change in me.  Last year I took up knitting over winter, then packed it away in summer.  I haven’t decided what to take up this winter.  Something that’ll get me off the computer a bit more, I suppose.


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