Slightly Irregular Conformity


So… I’ve used Blogger for years.  When I signed up it was Blogspot, and hadn’t been bought by Google.  Now… well, now Google are accelerating their plan for world domination in all directions.  News of Buzz being shoved into people’s faces and a fibre optic rollout in the US to prove that the internet can go much faster, not to mention Chrome… is Google turning into the same kind of everywhere/everything company that Microsoft is/was?

I have never used Google Docs.  I don’t use Google Earth (much), and gave the Google Streetcar a nice one-fingered salute when it sped past last month.  I don’t feel the need to keep every email I’ve ever recieved, so gmail is a bit redundant (I do have an account, but it’s only used as a dumping ground for old passwords and registration details).

As fast as Google is growing ever more present, my distrust grows along with it.  I didn’t like Microsoft; I stopped using their software.  I don’t entirely like Google’s dominance, so where to now?

Admittedly, there’s no reason for Google to care what’s in my emails, or what addresses I check out on Google Earth.  But since they’ve saved every search I’ve ever made, they’d be able to trace when I switched to linux, what problems I encountered along the way, when I needed advice on medications and even what kind of pornography I like (they used to have a directory for it, but it disappeared without warning).

Google, you have a great search engine.  But everything else – and there is a LOT of everything else – is a bit intimidating to this end-user.  I’ll keep my documents, blogs and photos to myself.  Thanks for all the nifty one-off logos…


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